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MAL has registered drain-layers and water reticulation installers that are experienced in pipe installation. ​

We provide drainage solutions for NZTA, local councils and sub-divisional developments. 

Gabion construction

Gabion construction & Rock supply

MAL supplies large diameter rock suitable for rip-rap placement in streams, rivers and coastal protection. These rocks are also supplied to various individuals and companies for landscaping. MAL is also experienced in placing the rock in rip rap structures and revetments for river and coastal protection. 

MAL also supplies and delivers graded stone for use in gabion baskets and mattresses used in various structures. We have a team that is well skilled in the construction of these structures.

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General contracting 

Mills Albert Ltd civil side has been involved in numerous developments around the region.

The scale & variety of these vary considerably.  ​

Our skill sets are utilised in the civil works involved with Aged Care providers, Ryman Healthcare and Presbyterian Support Central. ​

Various local councils and Waka Kotahi NZ transport.

  • Sub-divisional construction 

  • The supply and placement of rock rip rap earthworks  

  • Site development 

  • Reinforced earth fills 

generl contractin
Gabion construction
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