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Grace Lozano

Grace is Mills Albert’s HSE and Quality overseer who have crossed the great divide from those years of start-ups in the Health& Safety, Environmental and Quality space in the facilities maintenance area to growing and establishing integrated management systems in the oil and gas and civil construction fields.


Navigating for over 10 years of integrating and leading in managing ISO certification processes and management systems, compliance and regulatory work, risk and assurance, Grace’s aim is now to bring a transformation through the emergence of opportunity-enhancing employee participation, greater worker involvement and creating value-add to their work experiences and employment relationships.


As a lead auditor in IMS and having been exposed to people from all walks of life, Grace strongly believes that the best way to inspire and ignite people’s engagement and participation and get real results is by bringing our whanau together so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole, and safe.


Grace’s focus is on both process and behaviour safety, and operational risk and compliance management and bring about secure conditions for Mills Albert’s whanau, for the community and its stakeholders.

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