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Mills Albert Sustainability journey

We need to recycle and re-use as much as possible on projects not only for reducing costs and waste to landfill but also to demonstrate to our clients that we are an environmentally conscious company.


Example: At Poets Park we stripped 1400m3 of topsoil for hardstand areas, excavated 2300m3 of material for garden hollows and re-used it all on site for building raised garden features and covering disestablished hardstand areas.

All Kelly blocks and rocks laying unused were re-purposed into features.  

The only material taken off site was scrap metal and other rubbish.


GWRC used the planting at Poets park and Taita park to demonstrate their Carbon offset for other Te Awa Kairangi projects.

The team recently won the 2023 Electra Business and Innovation Award. Read the teams journey on delivering better outcomes in the sustainability space. 

We're making a few changes....

Sustainability is an ongoing journey, and it's essential to continually improve and adapt our efforts. By integrating sustainability into our workplace, we can not only reduce the environmental impact but also enhance our reputation, attract like-minded employees and customers, and contribute positively to society.


Mills Albert have increased the fleet of Hybrid vehicles

  • 2 x Hybrid MG PHEV’s 

  • 1 x Hybrid Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

  •  1 x Hybrid Toyota Corolla

Diesel Electric

We purchased a diesel electric D7R2 last year. Up to 30% more fuel efficient than the D7R2

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