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Lisa Mills-Albert

Lisa is one of the founding members of Mills Albert that started its new adventure in the civil and forestry world over 20yrs ago in 2002. 

The first 15yrs she filled the role of administration, recruiting, human resources and marketing. These days Lisa overseas these roles as the Corporate Services Manager. 


Lisa is a strong advocate of cultural change and assuring that the values of Mills Albert is strongly embraced and implemented in every aspect of the company.

One role Lisa loves to be involved in is organising events for the Mills Albert Whanau and maintaining community involvement.

“It’s great to gather, share information, laugh, and normally share a meal.

This type of interaction is imperative to embrace and respect each other’s unique personalities”.


“Bonding in charity and sponsorship events is equally important for our staff to be involved and commit time and effort to support our local and wider community”.   

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