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Stacey Keen

I believe my role is a vocation and not just a job. I pride myself as a loyal, polite, committed, trustworthy Operations Manager.  

 I have the determination and drive to not only manage the civil construction side of the position but the management and leadership skills to develop team relationships.


I have gained proficiency in recognising the importance of planning and programming of all works.  As part of the line management, I have developed my management skills to understand the importance of clear, confident, and verbal communication between the client and company personnel.  This is key to any project success in the past, then and now regardless of its value or size.


As a leader I am a firm believer in involving the team that I am part of.  This extends to having the buy in from the team in structuring the day’s activities which formulates the plan.  

Attitudes and behaviours have been driven by stating the standards to the team and by setting the culture from the start of the projects.  This then builds the foundations for the team which are driven by them and practiced daily.

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