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Paul Ratcliffe

Paul has an extensive background in the civil industry, with 29 years of experience in various Civil Construction projects. Throughout his career, he has held positions ranging from general labourer to Forman, Registered drainlayer, Supervisor, and Project Manager.


This diverse range of roles has provided Paul with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the different aspects of the civil industry.


Since 2018, Paul has been serving as the Contracts Manager at Mills Albert Ltd. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing and managing contracts related to a wide variety of construction projects. His primary objective is to ensure that these projects are executed smoothly and in compliance with all legal and contractual obligations. Paul plays a crucial role in the success of these projects by effectively managing and coordinating all contract-related activities.


One of Paul's key strengths lies in his involvement in tendering and estimating processes. He also takes great pleasure in being part of any Early Contractor Involvement requests , where he can assist clients in achieving the best possible results in terms of constructability and financial feasibility. By actively participating in these processes, Paul contributes to the overall success of the projects and helps clients make informed decisions.


Paul thrives in a collaborative work environment and enjoys working closely with both office-based and site-based teams. This allows him to stay connected and informed about the ongoing projects, ensuring that he can effectively manage and address any issues that may arise. By maintaining close relationships with his colleagues this fosters a sense of camaraderie and creates an environment where ideas and expertise can be freely exchanged.


“The team at Mills Albert has created an environment that encourages individuals to leverage each other's strengths and contribute to the collective success of the team. Paul appreciates the synergy that comes from working with a highly skilled team, as it enhances productivity, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities. Additionally, this collaborative environment provides ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, allowing individuals to learn from one another and expand their skill sets. Ultimately, achieving shared goals brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to Paul and the entire team.”

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