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David Mills-Albert

David is one of the founding members of Mills Albert ltd that was initially created with Phillip Albert and Lisa Mills-Albert over 20 years ago in 2002. 

David has been involved in the Civil Construction sector for over 40 years, since the age of 15. 

He has seen a vast change in the industry  and is proud to be part of the ongoing development that civil contractors can provide to assist the workforce and clients alike.


The way that we interact with the community and the surrounding environment is a huge part on how we conduct ourselves and this is one facet that we se ourselves as leaders in our sector.


Being diverse in our disciplines such a Forestry, Earthmoving, Drainage and other infrastructure developments provides great opportunities for the company and employees to establish relationships and further our careers.


Whilst we are proud of our modern Fleet the emphasis will always be on our staff. Recruiting training and seeing the personal development is one of the most satisfying results an employer can have.


We often say you don’t have to be blood to be whanau and this approach allows us to have a great relationship with our staff.


Staying light on our feet and up to date with technological advancements is another of our attributes and this along with our ISO standards n Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental systems will help take through the next 20 years.

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